İzmir University

For Admission

To obtain information on admission, tuition fees for both new and returning students, from overseas, please call or visit our nearest office using the link below:
Izmir University (IZU) was established by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation in 2007 as the third foundation university in Izmir, and the education started in the Academic Year 2008-2009.

Mission and Values

The aim of our university is to contribute to the developments in the fields of science and technology in our country and the world, and to train scientists who will contribute to those developments with their theoretical and practical studies.
The main philosophy of IZU is to become a research oriented university with an international focus which gives priority to graduate studies as well as undergraduate studies. We are targeting to remain among the leading universities in our region with our distinctive and modern teaching methods. In line with this target, all departments of the university have been constructed considering the workforce demanded by the industry, aiming to offer high quality education so as to meet the requirements of the era and keep up with constant changes.
Izmir University offers its students a real university-life experience as a city university in the centre of Izmir; one of the most modern cities of Turkey, with a history of 8500 years and cultural richness, and highly educated inhabitants who prefer quality living.

Strenuous works and preparations, which were held by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation within the framework of “Regulation for Private (Foundation) Higher Education Institutions” reached an end and we gained the right of establishment in accordance with the law numbered 5656 published on Official Journal numbered 26526 and dated 18 May 2007. Izmir University is established by the supports and works of Doğanata Group, on a knowledge basis, gained through almost half a century of experience in the field of education.

Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation has been endowing scholarships which covers free tuition, room and board both on the primary and higher education levels, for the ones who can not effort, since the date it was established and provides support for the presentation and organization of the cultural, artistic and scientific activities.

Several scholarships will be awarded to students, who enroll in Izmir University, on the basis of need and scholastic merit by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation.

Concerning admission, tuition and basic information on the living expenses, contact our nearest office.