Linguis International Institute

For Admission

To obtain information on admission, tuition fees for both new and returning students, from overseas, please call or visit our nearest office using the link below:
Students from around the world have come to Linguis International Institute to learn the English language and to start a career in Business. We invite you to study at our friendly school and reach your goals with help from highly qualified and experienced teachers.

At Linguis International we provide education of the highest standard and quality in a supportive and professional environment. Our campuses are situated in Auckland and also in Christchurch city alongside restaurants, cafés and shopping malls.

Linguis International was founded in 1996 as a specialist school, more suited to people who are serious about learning. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and program. All of our courses are approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and Linguis International is accredited to teach them. Our ideal small class size, 8 to 10 students max, means that our students get much more personal attention than is usually the case. We produce a unique personalised study plan for each student and guide them through it in a way that helps them maximize their learning potential.

Also embedded in our English Language Courses is a sharp focus on Real-life English, that is English that includes working, business, migration, travel and cultural aspects of real-life in real life situations. We employ a great variety of teaching and learning techniques and strategies to help our students achieve the best possible results from their study investment in New Zealand. We invite you to take advantage of these unique and highly beneficial learning opportunities.

Please call our nearest office for details of your admission and desired course tuition fee.