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For Admission

To obtain information on admission, tuition fees for both new and returning students, from overseas, please call or visit our nearest office using the link below:
A university thought-out for the real world.

At Universidad Europea de Madrid we offer a university education that is international and innovative, tailored to today’s job market. We want to help you become the professional you want to be.

The Universidad Europea de Madrid Language Lab combines campus-based and online learning with a multi-media program, , which can be accessed on-line at any time. Their methodologies are fun and up-to-date, and allow students to advance through 17 levels at their own rhythm. The ESP (English for Specific Purposes) classes offered allow students to learn how to communicate in specific fields of study

Why Universidad Europea de Madrid?

  • We offer a comprehensive and international university education, geared towards preparing students to enter the job market while enhancing their own personal development.
  • Our philosophy is to provide academic quality. In order to do so, we offer hands-on instruction and the latest technological advancements in the classroom.
  • We are the leading Spanish university in the adaptation of our academic curricula to the European Higher Education Area.
  • We offer all our students the possibility of studying at foreign universities. Thanks to the great number of international programs we offer, our students may choose their destination from among more than 40 countries.
  • The Faculty of Professors is highly qualified and has extensive teaching, professional, and research experience, enriching the student’s theoretical and practical training.
  • Reduced-sized groups allow students to have permanent and direct contact with their professor, as well as take full advantage of the practical facilities offered to each of the Degree Programs.
  • We have agreements with more than 2,700 companies to offer internships to our students as well as employment to our graduates.
  • Our curricula are designed so that all graduates from Universidad Europea de Madrid master the English language. In addition, we offer the possibility of adding value to your studies with other foreign languages (French, German, Chinese, Italian, etc.).
  • We are members of the Laureate International Universities Network, world leader in Higher Education. This network of educational institutions maximizes your international potential, making it easy for you to go abroad through exchange programs.
  • We are committed to social responsibility initiatives and committed to saving the environment conservation. Our Social Responsibility Office is available to you.

Please call our nearest office for details of your admission and desired course tuition fee.