University of Manitoba (ICM)

For Admission

To obtain information on admission, tuition fees for both new and returning students, from overseas, please call or visit our nearest office using the link below:
University of Manitoba founded in 1877, is located in Western Canada.The university has approximately 27,000 students with 10% comprising of International Students from 90 countries.

The International College of Manitoba (ICM), a modern and dynamic education institution, is a pathway college to the University of Manitoba (UM). Student at ICM study at UM campus.
Programs offered by ICM are University-designed programs, taught by qualified lecturers, on a university campus, ensure that our students have the very best preparation for the demands of tertiary education in Canada.
ICM students are treated like university students and, with the added benefits of smaller classes, receive more personalized attention in a dynamic and supportive learning environment that better equips them for life at university.
In choosing a ICM program, you will be following thousands of other successful students who have achieved their ambitions by joining UM, which is widely recognized as one of the most creative and innovative universities in Canada.

Living in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital city of the province of Manitoba. It is near the geographic centre of North America, hence Winnipeg plays a prominent role in transportation, finance, manufacturing, agriculture and education. With a population of approximately 700,000, Winnipeg is a clean, safe and affordable city, with all the amenities of a large cosmopolitan city.
The ethnic diversity of Winnipeg’s population and the city’s diverse and dynamic artistic community makes Winnipeg a vibrant and cultural hub. It is one of Canada’s major cultural centres.
Winnipeg has a continental climate, with average temperatures of 26C in summer (June to August) and -12 in winter (November to March). The city’s skies are amongst the clearest in Canada and its residents enjoy much sunny weather all year round. This, combined with its abundant green space, clean environment and close proximity to rivers and lakes, makes Winnipeg an ideal place to pursue a broad range of recreational activities.
Most of all, as an ICM student you will enjoy the high level of personal freedom that comes with living in a safe, modern and open-minded community. It is an ideal environment to challenge yourself academically and personally and for many, it represents a life-changing experience and the beginning of an exciting pathway to the University of Manitoba.

PLease call our nearest office for details of your admission and desired course tuition fee.