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Applications into undergraduate courses take only 24 hours to turn around, this means that admission (offer) letters are ready for students within only the second day of applying. The acceptance of Nigeria`s senior secondary school certificates: S.S.C.E, NECO and GCE for entry into a range of UK bachelor`s degree directly. Flexible yearly three (3) entry periods: January, May and September. Affordable tuition and living cost, far lower than national average. Lower entry age for students at 17 years old. This is lower than the UK – wide accepted 18 years. Wide range of postgraduate courses that are relevant to the industry, leading to both jobs and careers advancement.

Apply as soon as possible!

It is your sponsor`s fund that is being spent and this is a sizeable financial commitment. It is important to us that they know what the money is buying for their son or daughter`s academic future.

MOD Education has overheads to cover in both your local country and in the UK. The Application Processing Fee helps to pay for the overheads of running your local office, as well as covering the costs of extensive communication and courier bills. This will be asked for before application is made but after you have been counselled extensively. The processing fee for UK universities is N40,000. Contact our head office for details of other countries.

MOD Education is the main representative and local offices of University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England and Hertfordshire International College of Business and Technology, Hatfield, England (HIBT) We are an outsourced representative of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. We also promote our international class college, Westerfield College for the delivery of British standard instruction in partnership with our University associates abroad.

This greatly helps MOD Education, our clients and the British High Commission when it comes to considering your intentions for applying to come to the UK. Such a sum of money is a sign of your commitment that you do intend to pursue a course of study at a UK institution. All deposit payments are deducted from your tuition fees upon arrival and enrolment at the UK institution.

After you have gotten offer letter from UK institution.

You can make it payable to the respective UK Institution.

If you are a genuine student who has the financial sponsorship to do a course of study in the UK which is relevant to your personal career development, it can be pretty straightforward to get a UK study visa. Help and guidance is given by MOD Education to all candidates applying to a UK education institution via its services. Part of any MOD Education Student Counsellor`s job is to maintain links with both the local British Council and British High Commission to ensure up to date information is available to pass on to all of its clients.

This depends on what course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live in the University destination as some countries are more expensive than others. For instance, If you are planning to stay in the UK on your own, please budget for accommodation and living expenses to be between £5,000 and £6,500 per year. Course fees will be discussed with you on an individual basis when you come to your MOD Education Student Counsellor.

In most cases, yes. Please ask your MOD Education Counsellor if this is important to you or your sponsor.

This is usually possible, but you should state your intention to do so in writing as soon as possible. This is irrespective of whether or not entry is being deferred with the same institution.

It may be possible to change courses within the university or college in which you are studying but it will not normally be possible to change institutions except in exceptional circumstances. In that event MOD Education reserves the right to make an administrative charge for our service.

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Apply as soon as possible!