3 Things To Do When All Your Friends Are Moving Abroad

moving abroad

Moving abroad has almost become a trend.

In Nigeria and West Africa at large, presently, we have seen an influx of young individuals leaving their home country in droves in hopes for better education abroad.

A recent study shows that about 34,000 Nigerians along with their dependents have recently moved to the UK on a study visa.

The search for better education, more career opportunities and a general increased standard of living will not elude you too, say Amen?

Our counselors experience with students reveals that out of every 10 friends 4 have moved or are intending to study abroad.

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For this sake, we will be showing you what to do when all your friends are moving abroad.

1. Congratulate them for moving abroad

You want to show that you are a good friend and you have no ill feelings towards them.

If you feel bad that something good is happening to your friend, check yourself, you are a witch. Possibly.

Moving abroad


2. Make new friends!

You will not be seeing your dear friend much and you can not rely of Facetime and WhatsApp calls to sustain a friendship.

The best thing to do at this juncture is to have fun with the new friends you make.

moving abroad


3. Surprise your new friends by moving abroad too!

Life is full of surprises and you are one of them.

Surprise your new friends! How? by moving abroad too!

Nothing like a wonderful surprise to keep a friendship going

moving abroad


If you were wondering how you can be an ultimate friend and surprise your friend, reach out to us on Instagram @mod.education and we can help you get started.

Don’t say we never did anything for you!


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