7 Reasons Your Study Abroad Plans Are Undecided

study abroad plans

For some, study abroad plans is such a herculean thing, they discard the thought as soon as it enters their minds.

Many Africans have  a strong desire to further their education in developed countries but do not have the resources.

The good news is that the thousands of Nigerians posting their “Welcome to a new dispensation” memes on twitter do not have two heads.

The truth is, moving to another country in search of higher education and better career opportunities comes with a process.

You do not just decide to move to England, pack your bags and go.

Unfortunately, wishes aren’t horses so beggars can’t just ride.

As with life, there is a process to everything.

If you are one of those people that dream of studying abroad, you probably fall into one of the following:


1. You don’t have the funds:


study abroad plans

In a university abroad, international students pay up to 14,000 pounds on average for a masters program.

If you have some insight into how expensive education is overseas, that may make you pause when considering studying abroad.

However, most schools have a great payment plan for international students which allows you to pay your tuition is multiple installments.

 2. You don’t have the right reasons:


study abroad plans

“I just want to JAPA” is unfortunately not enough reason to begin a study abroad plan.

Although migration is not a bad reason to study abroad, it most definitely will not get you that student visa you so desire.

You need to deeply assess the need for and international education. Only then can a definite study abroad plan begin to shape up.

Is there a career you really want to delve into? are there courses you have not explored?

3.  You are not sure where to begin your study abroad plans:


study abroad plans

It can pose a problem if you are unsure how to even start your study abroad plans. You may be thinking:

What documents do I need?, What do i do first? Send my transcripts?  Select a school? What country do I pick? Do I qualify for a postgraduate degree with the credentials I possess?

These and lots more can be confounding. Its simple though, research and the right agents can help you with these.

As MOD Education has helped thousands of students secure admission abroad,  our counsellors are the best bet to getting all the right answers and a seamless transition to the country of your choice.

4. You are not properly informed:

study abroad plans

Some people believe that you need about N200,000 to study abroad, some people believe you need N20 million.

The importance of research, asking questions and using international study abroad agents can not be over-emphasized.

5. You are frightened by new beginnings:

study abroad plans

Some people do not like uncertainties and so they do not take risks.

You may have halted your study abroad plans because you don’t like to start anything new.

If you are looking for the bolster of confidence to jumpstart your decision, this is it.

It’ll be okay and you will thrive. The system is designed to support you so there’s nothing to worry about!

6. You think it is a difficult process:


study abroad plans

It is not.

Yes it is a process and it involves a series of steps.

However, the process is not necessarily difficult.

If you have all the right documents and you take the necessary steps at the right time, you will soon find out that you have already achieved your goal

7. You are not ready:

study abroad plans

You are just not ready.

Yes, everyone is flying to the UK.

Yes everyone is beginning their masters in another country.

You are not moved, you don’t like to experience new things and you just don’t care that much.

Its okay though, you are bound to care about your future soon enough.

We trust you to take the necessary steps.

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