Successful Career Tips For African Women In The UK – Webinar


For Women’s history month, MOD Education hosted a talk discussing Successful career tips for African women in the UK with Joyce Alex-Ezimorah and Afordau Aladesawe.

March being women’s history month, we decided to celebrate women by venturing on a discourse to benefit women that are new member of the UK society.

The discussion “Successful Career Tips For African Women in The UK” explored the many different ways women can strategically position themselves for progress in a new country.

Joyce Alex-Ezimorah suggested that anywhere in the world, leveraging on your confidence as a woman is bound to open doors for you.

She urged women to not shy away from challenges and asking questions.

She iterated that joining a community of like minded individuals will also reinforce the hustle spirit needed as an immigrant in a new country.

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Afordau Aladesawe maintained that women should upskill to upscale their chances at success in the UK.

She mentioned that skills such as driving can earn you extra cash in the UK.

Afordau also buttressed Joyce’s point about being assertive and going after the things you want.

Cooking, sewing, hairstyling, caring etc and many more were mentioned more than a few times as skills that women can monetize.

For the corporate woman, Afor and Joyce agreed that there are a plethora of opportunities in the Uk for women as companies are always hiring and service is highly appreciated.

They also mentioned not to follow trends as it is with chasing a nursing career in the UK but to stick to passions and unique skillsets.

Joyce reminded everyone that we all can’t be nurses, our passions shouldn’t lie latent.

Women should pursue careers in art, politics, education, law etc.

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The sky is your limit!