Japa 2023! Immigration via the study route


Welcome to 2023! The year many of us will japa! Can I get an Amen?

The japa phenomenon did not begin last year, or the year before that.

Nigerians, Ghanians, Kenyans, Ugandans have been migrating abroad long before the syndrome for travelling abroad fully rested on us.

In recent years, we have seen tremendous hikes in the droves of people that flock to countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, the US and even Ireland.

It turns out, the search for better education comes with other perks.

The major reason this Japa syndrome has caught on is because of the benefits.

Granted, tuition as an international student is not beans and costs and arm and a leg, it however opens doors for you and possibly your generations.

Individuals that successfully japa and become international students gain benefits like: 


  • Job placements as part of their curriculum (This totally depends on the course and the university)
  • A 2-year post study work visa which allows you stay back and gain work experience after your study
  • Permanent residency opportunities (In countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland etc)
  •  Job opportunities
  • Personal and professional growth and exposure
  • Increased quality of network and improved professional relationships
  • New interests and hobbies

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If all of these are not enough reasons to convince you to catapult your career progression into a kickstart motion, then I don’t know again oh.

At MOD Education, because we have partnerships with hundreds of universities in Canada, Uk, USA, Australia, Ireland etc, we have made it our mission to help with Africans and their Japa plans.

If you would like to begin and you have all the necessary documents and funding, do send us a message on any of our socials (Instagram &  Twitter)  or fill the form on our website.

We are available to help you!