7 Important Things You Need to Know & Do as You Prepare to Study Abroad

When you make the all important decision of studying abroad, there are a couple of things you need to do to make the process as smooth as possible.

Here are 7 of them

1. Choose your study destination wisely.

There are various study destinations, each with their own unique benefits and requirements. You can speak with your counsellors and work with them to figure out which destination is the best fit. To gain more knowledge of our study destination, click here.

2. Choose a programme and a university

Do you know the career path that’s best for you? Decide on a study program.  Each program has a rolling application with its own deadline. If you can want to enroll for your undergraduate, master or doctorate degree, find the program you’re eligible for and  the required courses.

3. Research

Do your research and get stories and testimonials from other local students that attend or   attended the school of your choice. Do this to get deeper insights on the culture and lifestyle of the school and country you will be studying in. You can get these from your admission agency or on the school’s website or social media pages.

4. Start early

Start early your admission process early. Prepare your personal statement and get your recommendation letter and other documents handy. Then apply for the available intake.

5. Conditional or unconditional offer

‘Students who are accepted for the course they applied to, will receive a conditional or unconditional offer letter.If you are offered a ‘conditional’ offer letter, it means that you need to fulfil certain criteria, in order to secure your admission at the university.

An unconditional offer letter on the other hand that a student has been accepted by the university since the student met the necessary requirements. Once you’ve gotten an offer letter, proceed to fulfilling all the conditions stated on the letter and paying your tuition fee deposit .

6. Gather necessary documents

Get all the needed documents and requirements to kickstart your visa application process. These include a valid international passport, proof of funds, visa application form passport photographs etc. It often takes one month to secure your visa. Hence, it is advisable to start your visa application process early.

7. Make accommodation plans.

You can choose to stay either on or off campus. If you choose to stay off campus, you should find a place that’s with close proximity to the campus or one that’s near a bus station.  You can also choose to stay alone or live in a shared apartment where you can split the bills. With all that done, you can then book and then prepare for your flight.

We make study abroad easy. From making sure you choose the best study destination to helping you secure an admission at a good university. We are here to help you at each step of the way.

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