How To Choose The Best Study Abroad Agent – 5 Key Steps To Take!

How to choose a study abroad agent

Choosing a study abroad agent can be daunting for an intending international student. In Nigeria alone, we have hundreds of agencies that claim to help place students in their dream destinations and institutions, so you can imagine how confusing it can be to make a decision.

When you choose a study abroad agent, you are putting your trust in them to select a great school that matches your academic background, your career and general preferences. So, it is ultimately your life in their hands.

If you continue reading this, your study abroad problems will come to a halt. Here’s how to ensure you don’t make a grave mistake:



  1. Check their credentials: Now, because there are thousands of study abroad agents in the world, you have to streamline your options into a worthy pool to choose from. The first step will be to check if they are accredited.

Are they affiliated with any national body that could curb their excesses or make sure that their practices are ethical, safe and correct? The International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) is one of the bodies that does this and Hurray! MOD Education is ICEF recognized!

So, when you are choosing a study abroad agent, before you send a message to begin an application, do your due diligence and check their agency’s credentials. A simple google search could help! 

  1. What services do they offer: You may have tried to make an application to a university in the UK for example, and in your process, the university will prompt you to contact an agent in your country to continue the application on your behalf.

Agencies usually have partnerships that benefit the student in ways that ease their application process. Sometimes, they have partnerships with universities, other times they are affiliated with funding organizations for grants, loans and scholarships.

You should make sure to enquire about the full extent of any agency’s provisions before committing. A good agent will do the following:

  • Counsel you on the best study destination for you
  • Expose the courses that will serve you
  • Help to choose the best institution (University or college) 
  • Make an application for admission on your behalf
  • Collate necessary documents for your visa application and apply
  • Post visa prep
  1. Reviews: In truth, the best study abroad agents are chosen on a referral basis so in that sense, you have an idea on the kind of work the agent is capable of. 

However, in the case where you have not been referred and you know nothing about this agent, it will serve you best to investigate what other people have to say about their service. Social media, websites and google search can provide you with answers.

Testimonials are a great way to ascertain if the agent is a great choice or not!

  1. Documentation: An agent that documents everything is a good agent. At the initial stage, you should be presented with either a contract or an agreement of some form that states what both parties should accept. 

This document should outline the services, any fees undertaken or to be paid, and other conditions.

  1. Communication: A good study abroad agent should be able to communicate to you clearly what it is you need to make your process seamless. As you know, you have a big role to play as well. 

 All the information you require for your admission application, visa process, etc. is available at their fingertips. So be sure to ask the right questions and follow up accordingly.

Use this as a checklist to ensure that you are on the right path. A good study abroad agent will help you with your study abroad process and possibly give you a peek into what study life abroad truly is.

Good luck on becoming an international student.